Terms & Conditions for Parents

1) You understand that Teaching Mantra is a home tutoring marketplace and will facilitate the finding of a quality home tutor for your child.
2) Teaching Mantra levies a onetime, non-refundable* fee from the parents for its services.
3) Registered parents/students availing Teaching Mantra services should mandatorily ask for a copy of the ID & Address proof from the personal tutor chosen by them.
4) In consideration of the home tuition provided by the tutor to your child, you agree to pay a predefined amount to the tutor.
5) You be aware of that, to the extent possible, Teaching Mantra will assist finding a tutor that best suit your child's requirement but it does not guarantee any success of any kind in any examination or test that your child may undertake.
6) You be aware of that the final decision to select a particular tutor for your child is yours and yours alone. You be aware of that home tutors need to be treated with respect and dignity. Further, you agree to provide in your home an environment conducive to one on one study during the currency of the said home tuition.
7) You know that the tutor will teach your child if and only if at least one parent is present in the house.
8) If parent pays the tuition fee directly to tuition tutor in cash then we will not be responsible for that tuition fee.
9) We will not be responsible for any advance payment paid to Tuition Tutor. There is no role of organization from 2nd month in fee matter.
10) Teaching Mantra is not responsible for any inconvenience, miss happening, unforeseen, intentional or unintentional accidental damage caused by the tutor(s) to any living or non-living entity in the house of the parent / student.
11) In case, there is a dispute between Tutor and the parent regarding the number of tuitions delivered, you agree that we will be the final arbiter on the matter.
12) Teaching Mantra is confident of assigning a new tutor as requested or find the replacement for a tutor within a minimum 3-4 working days from the registration / replacement request. However, in certain cases it may take a few days more or less and hence the number of days mentioned above is not to be misconstrued as a guarantee.
13) If a registered parent / student are not satisfied with the first tutor provided by Teaching mantra, the parent has the choice to opt for 02 (two) free replacements without paying additional charge to Teaching mantra.
14) If a registered parent / student wants to discontinue the services of a tutor after selecting him / her for the assignment, they need to pay the tutor for his / her services utilised and give him / her at least 15 days’ notice and pay the due for that period.
15) If a registered parent / student are not satisfied with the quality of tutors, even after availing the services of the 02 replacement tutors, then they can write into Teaching mantra and request for a refund. In the case of such an event taking place, Teaching Mantra reserves the right to investigate the matter and refund the registration amount to the parent after deducting the administrative charges.* Conditions apply
16) The minimum hourly / weekly / fortnightly / monthly rate for a tutor's services will vary as per region / state / city / location and he tutor's qualification / experience, reputation etc. The registered parent/student should directly handle the fee negotiations with the tutor, but they are always welcome to take Teaching mantra suggestions / inputs before finalizing the fees
20) Teaching Mantra services are about providing tuition at home. It also includes the tuition services provided by our very senior / reputed teachers from their respective homes.