Terms & Conditions for Tutor

You understand that Teaching mantra is a home tutoring marketplace that will facilitate you finding of a quality home tuition. You understand that there is a onetime non-refundable registration charge that allows your participation in this marketplace.

We don’t take any monthly commission from your tuition fees. We only charge one time placement fee per assignment. (i.e. 40% of tuition fee or 1000 ₹ whichever is higher)

1) To register as a tutor, you must be at least 18 years of age. You must be an Indian Citizen, an Indian Permanent Resident. You need to have a minimum academic qualification of 12th.
2) We put a lot of marketing effort and money to bring you more tuition leads, we hope you encourage our genuine low cost high value service.
3) You Know and agree that the relationship between Teaching mantra and you will not be considered as an employer and employee relation.
4) You have to arrange demo class within 48 hours of receiving details of Tuition. If this does not happen due to any reason, you have to inform us immediately.
5) Once you accepted a tutoring assignment, the rate is non-negotiable once agreed upon.
6) You be aware of that the final decision to select a particular student for tuition is yours and yours alone.
7) You agree that you will teach the student if and only if at least one parent is present in the house.
8) You understand that if you agreed to take an assignment, you have to complete it. In unavoidable circumstances you have to give minimum 15 days notice period.
9) The registered parents have the right to ask for your id & address proof along with photograph(s) if their building / society entry norms require it. They also have the right to ask for it from a tutor to double check with Teaching mantra.
10) Teaching mantra is also not responsible for any behavioural misconduct by the student or their house members including the support staff employed by the student or his / her parents. However, incidents of misbehaviour, harassment if any, should be reported to Teaching mantra, at the earliest possible.
11) Female home tutors should take enough care and make an intuitive decision before taking up an assignment to avoid any kind of future embarrassing scenarios. Teaching mantra cannot be held responsible for any such unforeseen and unfortunate event if any.
12) Registering with Teaching mantra does not guarantee tuition assignment jobs to you, as jobs are assigned based on tuition demand and how well tutors match up with the customer’s requirements.
13) Tutors are required to provide their own teaching materials and relevant papers to carry out the lessons.

As a Tutor I agree to the following conditions:

14) I will not ask any kind of advance tuition fee or tuition fee in the middle of the month (Either from parents/student or from Teaching mantra Pvt. Ltd.")
15) If I agree to take the classes and after taking the details of the parents/ student, if I refuse to start the classes from the given time schedule, I would be charged by Rs. 1000/= and might be terminated from the tutoring services.
16) I will take/ teach the tuition/ student with my full satisfaction and I will not discontinue the tuition before completion of 3 months. If I found to do so, I would be charged by Rs. 1000/= and will not be paid for the last month and might be discharged from the tutoring services.
17) I will take the classes regularly, punctually and professionally.
18) I hold all the responsibilities of the student's academic performance and I assure to “Teaching mantra Pvt. Ltd.” to be very professional in the tutoring services.
19) I will not discuss anything with the parents/ students about the tuition fee and the terms and conditions held between parents and Teaching mantra Pvt. Ltd.”
20) I will keep my mobile phone in the silent mode and will not attend any call or message during the class.
21) I will take the chapter wise test of the student regularly and will update the result to parents/ student and “Teaching mantra Pvt. Ltd.”
22) I will maintain the attendance sheet in the proof of my regularity and punctuality but if I don't do so, Teaching mantra Pvt. Ltd.” will not be responsible for any issue arose against the number of the classes/ hours of the classes and I would be paid according to the parents/student's feedback/ statements.
23) I will not change my given contact number but if I do so, I will update to “Teaching mantra Pvt. Ltd.”, Regional office immediately.
24) I will not teach any new tuition preferred by the parents/ student because “Teaching mantra Pvt. Ltd.” reserves all the rights to receive all such tuition/ students. And I will give the tuition details to Regional office.
25) For privacy purposes, tutors should not disclose their contact details with parents. If Teaching mantra finds a tutor disclosing his/her contact details with the parents without our written prior approval then tutor has to pay one academic year tuition fee to Teaching mantra. Afterwards Teaching mantra has rights to disqualify tutor for further assignments and current customer. Teaching mantra coordinators are only medium of contact between parents and student until or unless Teaching mantra does not approve in written to tutor for direct contact or communication.
26) In case if parents ask about any financial details, it is tutor responsibility to redirect them to us. In case If we find out tutor is violating the terms, Teaching mantra has rights to disqualify tutor from that moment and tutors oblige to pay one year academic tuition fee Teaching mantra.
27) Legal action will be taken against tutors who breached the terms and conditions above mentioned. Any legal costs will be borne by the Tutor.
28) Teaching mantra reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
29) In case, there is a dispute between Tutor and the parent regarding the number of tuitions delivered, you agree that we will be the final arbiter on the matter.

I will inform to “Teaching mantra Pvt. Ltd." in case of:-

(a) Taking leaves of more than 3 days from the parents/ student
(b) When tuition is dropped or discontinued by you or parents/ student.

Tutor Registration can be cancelled without notification on :-

Any misconduct to the Client or us
Consecutive Failure of 2 assignments by any reason
Absentee for a long duration without notice